Okay, here’s the deal. Please don’t introduce me as, “So-and-So’s Gal Friday.”

  1. I am no one’s GAL.
  2. I do more than “type stuff and make copies.”
  3. I don’t “get to leave early all the time.” When I leave the office, I continue working by knocking on doors, going to hospitals, talking to people, and many other tasks that require me to be away from a desk.
  4. When I “sit in court,” I’m coordinating witnesses, making sure everyone knows when to be there and making sure they are there when their name is called. This process usually begins at the pre-trial stage which is months before the trial begins.
  5. No, I don’t “ever wear a dress or make-up.” I hate dresses – they’re uncomfortable and I simply don’t wear them. I don’t like make-up. Never have. Never will.
  6. Yes, I am gay. The photograph on my desk is one of myself and my spouse on our wedding day – not my sister, not my best friend – my spouse.
  7. And last but not least, cubicle¬†partitions are NOT walls, so when you “lower” your voice to talk to your friend in the cubicle right next to mine, I can hear what you say.

Most likely you’re in your twenties. You’re still very young. The best advice I can offer is get over it and move on!