I had intended to post something on my long-neglected blog before 2010’s end however, time slipped away from me and as I looked at the calendar today and noticed it was already mid-January I began to panic. Then I realized that my last post was October 15th! Looking back over the past three months I can identify many reasons for not taking the time to blog… ironically enough, many of those experiences are the exact reason I began my blog in the first place. So, without further explanation here are some things I’ll write about over the next few days, weeks, and months:

  • The discovery of a tumor in my brain (benign – whew!).
  • The announcement that BOTH Rabbis at my shul will be leaving, one this year, the other next year.
  • The worsening of my migraines – both in frequency and severity.
  • The side-effects of the new medication I’m taking for migraines (I shake as though I am experiencing some type of withdrawal).
  • My experiences teaching the weekly Torah Portion at my shul.
  • My continued battle with food/weight.

So for those that have followed me, I’m back after a small hiatus. Thanks for sticking with me. For those that may have just discovered this blog, keep reading. I promise you won’t be disappointed.