In recent days, I’ve been troubled by the mainstream media’s interpretation of the events that occurred in the international waters of the Mediterranean. As is usually the case, world events are reported with a level of sensationalism that rivals the tabloid papers found at the checkout stand in most every grocery store. Let’s face facts – violence sells print media and keeps televised media in business.

What I fail to understand is how such a clear-cut incident has become yet another way to vilify Israel. If a terrorist organization the likes of Hamas had attempted to smuggle weapons into the United States, the ensuing conflict would be met with patriotism, flag-waving, and chants of “U.S.A, U.S.A.” However, when Israeli forces attempt to stop yet another attempt by Hamas to arm their operatives with weapons that could realistically destroy Jerusalem and kill thousands of people in the process, the international response is immediate condemnation and talk of “further investigation” into the ” unfortunate incident.”

Once the facts of the situation are examined it becomes clear that Israeli forces were, indeed, acting in self-defense. However, it is obvious that the media has played directly into the hands of Hamas, declaring  that the incident was an “attack” by “Israeli commandos” who “stormed” the vessel. Suddenly the Israeli forces are “commandos” who “stormed the vessel?”  Had the Turkish vessel simply allowed Israeli forces to board the ship and confirm that it was carrying humanitarian cargo to Gaza, there would have been no need for a confrontation. Instead, Israeli forces were met with chains, knives, pipes, and a myriad of other weapons that were clearly aboard the Turkish vessel not to protect its “humanitarian” cargo, but to stop Israel from discovering the true reason for the vessel’s refusal to be searched. The bottom line is this – if the Turkish vessel was simply part of a humanitarian convoy they would not have been poised to attack Israeli forces. 

Benjamin Netanyahu, in his statement regarding the incident, said  “…this was not a love boat but a hate boat” and called for international leaders (I’m assuming President Obama is included) to understand that given the opportunity, Iran and those that act on  its behalf will establish a naval stronghold in the waters of the  Mediterranean and use it as a launching pad for attacks against Israel and her allies. The United States and its allies must stand behind Israel and refuse to give terrorists any advantage. International leaders must learn to see through the smoke-and-mirror tactics employed by Hamas and its supporters and recognize the threat that their actions pose to the entire world.  Most importantly, the citizens of the United States must learn to determine for themselves the difference between news soundbites and photographs/video taken out of context and the facts as represented by organizations that do not report the news based on ratings and financial support.

I support the action taken by Israeli forces against terrorists posing as humanitarians and I urge everyone to dismiss mainstream media reports of what occurred and visit websites, watch interviews, or read print media from reputable sources that are concerned with delivering factual accounts of the incident.