It caught me with my guard down

 This vile, ruthless Beast

Creeping down the hall last night

When I suspected least.

The alarm went off and up I jumped

Ready for the day

When suddenly I noticed

A sneeze was on the way.

My head was heavy, my muscles ached

I couldn’t smell or taste

I very quickly realized

It was the Beast that soon I’d face!

I very slowly showered

And dressed to go to work

Then I saw it there behind me

Laughing as it smirked,

“You thought you could avoid me,

With your vitamins and pills,

But don’t you know I ALWAYS win,

No matter what your skills?”

“You’ll cough and sneeze and feel run-down

Won’t want to eat or drink

You’ll sleep all day

Then be up all night

You’ll feel so out of sync!” 

All at once I shouted,


I won’t let you defeat me

You don’t scare me in the least!”

“I’m going to see the Doctor

And he’ll prescribe some pills

I’ll take them and I’ll get some rest

So start running for the hills!”

The Beast began to shrink in size

and slowly slipped away

He’d sensed he was defeated

And had to find some easy prey

So be on guard and wash your hands

Let your vigilance never cease

Stay alert, watch for the signs

And beware the evil Beast!