I hate being sick.  As soon as I feel the least bit run-down I’m the first one to run to the drug store and buy ANYTHING that will help me feel “normal” again. That being said, I generally try to avoid getting sick by attempting to avoid germs.

  Part of my job is working in our DNA collection office. Generally, individuals are offered reduced charges if the agree to give a sample of their DNA which will then be entered into our system and sometimes into the state system. Working in the collection center is not my favorite thing to do but 3 times per month I’m required to be “on-call” which means I have to be available should one of our four centers need extra help. Today, I was “on-call.”

  I’m the type of person that carries antibacterial liquid in my purse, wipes the grocery cart handle before using it, doesn’t like to touch door handles in ladies restrooms, avoids touching the escalator railing, etc., etc.  I didn’t realize how fanatical I’ve become until I walked into the DNA collection office today and started to process the individuals that walked through the door. Suddenly I became acutely aware of all the germs that I imagined were swirling about in the air.

  Someone sneezed and didn’t cover his mouth, a woman coughed and DID cover her mouth but then used my pen to sign her form, a parent sat her child on the counter where the child proceeded to put her hands in her mouth and touch the counter, and I had to touch a dozen forms of identification that had been in wallets, pockets, socks, shoes, and the hands of children.  I used an entire bottle of antibacterial liquid and 30 or 40 antibacterial wipes.  And then I sneezed. Twice. 

On the way home from work, I stopped at the drug store and bought some cold medicine, vitamin C drops, and Airborne (which I’ve had 3 tablets of). The minute Scully’s Mom walked through the door, I announced, “I’m sick.”

 I’m going to bed early tonight, but not before I take a shower and take some cold medicine (maybe I can nip it in the bud before it gets worse). Maybe it’s all in my head – but maybe it’s not.

I hate being sick.